Is your granola really homemade?

Yes, we baked it in small batch from scratch. We prepare the secret sauce and mix it with other ingredients, bake it, and hand packaged every single piece of Minime granola.

Why your granola has short expiration date?

We always want you to get the best quaility from our products. As our granola do not use any preservatives, we reccomend it to be consumed within 3 months.

What is the best way to store granola?

Always zip the package or store it in air-tight container and place in dry and cool place. Or you can place it in the refrigerator as it is reccomended if your place is humid and hot.

What is the different between granola and muesli?

How much calories does your granola contain?

Is it safe for diabetic person?

Is it safe for mother to be and baby?

How much sugar in it?

Is your granola suitable for weight loss and diet?